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Saturday, 1/15/05More Titan
Update on the binary signals blog situation:

Slashdot and Ars have been following the event (not PERSONAL blogs, but blogs nonetheless), and Jason Santa Maria has a mention of it as well.

Thank you, everyone. I personally think it's pretty significant that this is the first time something has been landed on the surface of a world in the outer solar system. Mars and Venus are small fries (at least in terms of distance!).

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Friday, 1/14/05Titan
In the wee hours this morning (Friday), the Huygens probe will land on Titan, the thickly clouded moon of Saturn. This is a big deal. Titan is one of the few places in the solar system where there is a possibility for finding life (as we know it). I haven't heard any mention of the landing weekend binary options trading on any of the blogs I read on a regular basis. I guess they're all computer nerds, not space nerds.

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Thursday, 1/13/05Bananular
RingRingRingRingRingRingRing Bananaphone!

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Sunday, 1/9/05Oil Change
First post of the new year.

Today I changed the oil in my motorcycle. I has been far too long since I've done that last. It was May(?) 2003 the last time I did it. What a bad motorcycle owner I am.

I was a very nice day today. In the 60s and sunny. My mom kept me company while I changed the oil. Afterwords I washed it for the first time in who knows how long. So now I can use the nice cover that I got for Christmas. Since I can't keep it indoors, this'll be the next best thing.

I feel productive today. I did stuff with my motorcycle, did some laundry, and worked on some website layout. I always feel like at the start of a weekend that I'm going to have ample time to do every brokers binary options little thing that I've been meaning to do for months. Usually, I just end up sleeping late, hanging out, and then not getting enough sleep Sunday night--which leaves me exhausted to start out the work week.

Usually, I feel like this (except for the bit about recycling--I do that at least). But today, I feel a bit better about myself. Before you know it, I'll be mastering object oriented PHP, finishing both site redesigns I've been meaning to do, and converting this site over to WordPress.

Maybe next weekend.

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